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Breaking The Barriers

A Solution for America’s buying trends

No Liability

Sellers do not swipe, dip, key in, take pictures of customer’s cards. No handling of the customer’s phone.

Fraud Prevention

Key-in credit card transactions are high risk. BuyNow has reduced this risk significantly with their reputation with the processors.

No Age Limit

If a kid can ask a person to text "PAY" to 44944 they are able to accept a credit or debit card.

No Hardware

Our technology eliminates the hardware to swipe. Hardware is an inventory nightmare in the sales industry.

No App Required

If a person can text "PAY" to 44944 they are able to pay with a credit or debit card.

3 Step Process

BuyNow's simple 3 step sales process makes the transaction seamless every time.

No Sign Up

There is not any username or password to remember.

No Organization ID

No unique code to remember or look up for your team. Simply text “PAY” and the cart works.

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