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Our Story

A perfect blend of creativity and experience

The founders of BuyNow have a combined 27 years of experience in the direct to consumer sales industry. After years of hearing kids say, "I could have sold more if we could accept credit cards" they realized sales people were losing out on thousands of dollars. They searched the market for a payment solution to process transactions. It needed to enable sellers to process the payment quickly and efficiently without having to touch the credit card. What they found was there was no available solution so they had to develop one themselves.

Having run thousands of Contact Free sales since 2016, BuyNow knows the importance of the process being seamless, efficient and user friendly. Each step was developed with substantial knowledge of all moving parts, different scenarios, and hurdles that may arise while selling for a myriad of different businesses. The program was designed and built by implementing new technologies in line with the ways consumers are purchasing products. This allowed for BuyNow to discover and design every detail inside the technology to be most efficient and user friendly. With the challenges COVID-19 presents in 2020, the BuyNow platform addresses the challenge of contact free payments with a proven and robust platform to fit any business need.

Meet Our Executives

Mike's Avatar

Michael Braunstein

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been in the athletic team consulting business for 12 years. Prior to BuyNow he worked for the Seattle Sounders and Super Bowl XLII Host Committee.

He has a Masters in Sports Administration from Ohio University and a BS in Business Administration from The University of Washington.

Paul's Avatar

Paul Marlow

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Paul has been in the athletic team consulting business 20 years. He is a charter member of Adrenaline and sits on its Board of Directors.

Prior to sales he worked for Arthur Anderson, Nokia Mobile Phones, and Baker Hughes all in new product development. He has a Masters in Technology Commercialization and a BS in Mechanical Engineering both from the University of Texas at Austin.

Megan's Avatar

Megan Faricy

Chief Administrative Officer

Megan has been in the payment processing industry for over 10 years. She specializes in account management and customer resolution. She has spent countless hours working directly with some of the world’s largest processors making her a great asset to BuyNow.

She has a BS in Business Administration from Western Oregon University.